Ruby on Rails

After much going backwards and forwards I finally sat down and had a protracted play with Ruby on Rails and so far I have to say I’m impressed.

Installation was simple enought and I got it running on both mac and linux hardware pretty easily, always a bonus, and I have vim set up to play with ERuby syntax.

I had dabbled previously with Ruby and coming from PHP the syntax is fairly self explanatory (remember end not }).But ActiveRecord in particular seems just great.

I’m going through the Four days on Rails tutorials at the moment so should have something more insightful to say in a week or so (I dont actually have four days in a row to just do this really).

palm posts

I’m in the process of setting up the site so I can post from my Palm Tungsten T5. The image appearing here, of the device in question, will appear now for any posts I make from it when I’m out and about. How often this will be is anyones guess but I’m heading to @media in London soon so maybe some updates from there?

new site updates

Right. I’ve nearly finished adding all the bits to this site that I liked about previous things I had up and rebuilding around all the things I disliked. So here’s to some new projects on the horizon.

The plan is to document and upload thoughts and anything of interest on my programming things I’m up to. I’m at the moment pondering C\# and ASP.NET (Mono), Ruby on Rails and maybe something (Python?) to do with my Palm device. Like I have that much time!

A new project that I have been working on looking to bring together anyone making use of rss feeds in the north east. A slightly odd idea perhaps, but one that has me playing with collecting and caching feeds from other sites and a bit of minimal design. Visit for the work in progress


email2rss is one of my php projects. The aim is to allow simple access to rss feeds from any email client. Ideally suited to mobile devices without a reader or to less technical users.

It makes use of the lastRSS library to read external rss feeds and output the details, as well as a few tricks to read in an email (from stdin) sent to its own address and to email back the user with the news requested in the subject line.

Visit for more details. is a current project I maintain for the local web design and development community, centered around an email mailing list.

Although still a small community its proving a useful place to bounce ideas and get a feel for whats going on and hopefully will grow over time.

Visit and join in.


php-eml is a sourceforge open source project I started a while back to develop a php based email mailing list. At the moment this in at a stage where it works but is not really pretty or easy to install unless you enjoy a little sysadmin.

Both these, and some new features should be added in the future, time permitting.

See for more information or to download the source.