New Nanoc Powered Blog

It’s taken longer than I would have liked but I’ve finally gotten around to relaunching this site on nanoc.

After looking through lots of code from the nanoc showcase I had a pretty good feel for how I wanted things to work and I then used the excellent nanoc3_blog template to get started. I’ve hacked around quite a bit with the code to get things how I wanted them. Using Less to make the CSS more manageable, Coderay for lovely syntax highlighting and making everything default to textile rather than markdown. I’ve also written import scripts for my old blog (in Python) and another one so I can use tumblr is I want to create items on here (in Ruby).

Nanoc really is a joy to work with and I’m hoping that alone will get me back into writing more freqently than I have done for a while. The fact I can just write in Vim or WriteRoom or whatever editor I have to hand feels nice. And using Git, Rake and Rsync complete my little toolset. Everything is still served via Nginx.

I’ve thrown the all the code, including all the content, up on GitHub for anyone interested. Back to writing.