How to Decide on Your Next Programming Language

Neil Crosby got me thinking yesterday about which language to learn/play with next by tweeting

so, lovely people of the interwebs. What webly language should I be spending my time learning then? Right now, I’m all about the PHP.

Neil appears to have gone for Python, but more specifically I’m interested in how you decide what to learn next? And improving the likelihood of you seeing it through and being able to add it to you toolbox. Personally I’ve messed around with a wide range of languages but I would say I’m proficient in only a few of those.

So here goes with a list of questions to ask yourself.

I don’t think all of these apply to everyone or apply all the time, but it’s worth considering and rejecting them when they don’t.

Feel free to disagree in the comments or, even better, add extra ones. Or alternatively just cut to the chase and tell me what I should learn next.