Google Search New Features? Timeline Search and Wonder Wheel

Looks like I’m being experimented on. I just got a strange Web button appearing on a search today and decided to click it. It revealed a host of new Google features (at least I’ve never seen em before), including various filters and visualisation tools.

The entertainingly named Wonder Wheel was my first click. It’s a visualisation which shows related search terms. I’d love to have access to that data via an API as well.

Example of Wonder Wheel search on Google

The timeline view, and time based filters, look more useful for most search activities. Just getting hold of recent content on a particular search term is the sort of thing blog search engines have sended to do well in the past and that Twitter search has been showing off.

I hope I keep these features during whatever testing is going on and that they all go live soon. It’s a pretty big improvement if you ask me.