Google App Engine PyUnit Test Runner

I’m starting to play around with using App Engine again for small projects. It’s great for simple, somewhat throwaway apps as long as you don’t need anything too fancy. Actually all I want really is long running processes but I digress.

I’m increasingly writing test suites as well for even small projects and was missing the convenience of the Django test runner for running them against App Engine code. So I’ve spent a little time writing a simple test running script to use for non-Django Python projects. I’ve posted it over on the App Engine Cookbook for anyone else who might want to do the same.

I ended up writing something myself as I couldn’t find anything else which quite met my needs, so it’s the typical programmers itch code and as such is provided as works for me software. The other approaches out their didn’t quite meet my needs but might be useful to know about if you want to start testing your apps.