Just a few things coming up in the next month that I’m attending that I thought warranted a post.

WebDD 3rd February Heading down to Microsoft in Reading for Web Developer Day for a weekend of web design and development discussions and listening to Bruce and Patrick go on about something interesting.
Newcatle Rails Usergroup 8th February I’m giving a talk on using Radiant to our local Ruby and Rails Usergroup so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll publish the slides afterwards given the chance.
BarCamp London 17th-18th February Yeah. I got a ticket for Barcamp thanks to Meri. I just need to think of something to talk about now. Oh, and sort travel.
Future of Web Apps 20th-21st February Been looking forward to heading down to FOWA for a while and a few people from work are coming too. Be good to see all the usual suspects as well, at least those that aren’t going to Barcamp a few days before.
Geek Dinner 21st February I’d already booked the day after FOWA off work knowing that something would come up. As if by magic I’m finally in London for one of Ian’s famous GeekDinners.

Now I think about it, or rather now I write them all down in one place, I think I might have got carried away.