New year New site

If you’re viewing this post in your feedreader then you might not notice anything different but it’s all change around these parts. I’ve gone all Radiant and with it a new slightly minimal design.

Radiant, for those that missed my earlier gushing post is a Rails based Content Management System that looks something like this:

Morethanseven admin panel from Radiant

I’m going to post a few follow ups about how I did certain things using Radiant and my particular setup. All in all it’s been fun. Always a good sign when developing something. I ported all my old posts across from Textpattern and I’ve posted a project post (in my new project feed) about TXP2Radiant for anyone else looking to do the same.

Their will likely be a few gremlins lying around that I’ll get to over the coming weeks, and I have some decent posts in mind to keep people interested. Expect less about what I’m up to and more about the pressing issues of web design and development that I keep meaning to write about.

The design is a little on the minimal side at the moment but on purpose. I want to play around with different designs for the site while keeping everything clean and simple. I might even set a file size limit for the CSS and I definately want to start playing more with CSS3 selectors (more than 80% of you dont use IE6, for the other 20% please upgrade). I’m not going to say anything I’d regret, like one new design every other month, but I can dream.

As I get more familiar with Rails (one of the reasons for the move) and Radiant I’ll likely add some bits like a Flickr powered gallery and maybe something to do with Twitter but for the moment it’s all about the content.