Their is nothing wrong with a nice header graphic. Clients, designers and customers alike love them. But I often see them used as an excuse for fixed width designs. Well no more I say (unless, of course you have a perfectly good reason for a fixed width design in which case you dont really need this technique.)

The plan was simple. Find a way of incorporating flash headers into sites using liquid or elastic designs in much the same way you might use lots of sliding doors background-image goodness.

And all it takes is a snippet of actionscript goodness:

Stage.scaleMode = "noScale" Stage.align = "TL" var width var height function resizeEvent ( ) { width = Stage.width height = Stage.height dimensions.text = 'width : ' + width+ ' height : ' + height topRight._x = width bottomLeft._y = height bottomRight._y = height bottomRight._x = width } resizeEvent ( ) var stageListener = new Object ( ); stageListener.onResize = resizeEvent Stage.addListener ( stageListener );

Download example